Are you ready to enhance your wedding planning knowledge so you can expand your business, develop your skills, and execute more weddings with ease? 

Increase your profitability, reduce your stress, and instantly elevate your craft with our systems, tools, and method to deliver a referral-worthy experience every single time.

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does this sound like you?

You love planning weddings, but bringing one wedding to life feels like a full-time job you’ve worked tirelessly at for months (without the proper pay), right?

There’s truly nothing else you’d rather do than bring your bride’s vision to fruition and watch the magic unfold on her wedding day, but you can’t keep moving at the rate you’re at. 

You know there has to be an easier, more effective way to run your business that doesn’t completely consume you.

Do you feel like you are currently:

Walking away with clients who adore you, but stressed to the max until that point

Endlessly overdelivering and operating your business like you’re a full-service planner

Overwhelmed trying to manage every vendors different styles and processes

Undercharging for your services and walking away with little to show for it

Dropping the ball more than you’d like to admit 

Are you ready to work less and earn more? You’re in the right place.

 What you really need is something customizable to your needs—a way to serve more brides without sacrificing your sanity. 

Perhaps you’ve tried to better navigate staying on top of the organization by using pre-made tools, but you always end up in the nitty gritty details before deciding you’ll just keep doing it your way and hoping it gets easier.

You know that, in order to increase your income, you have to start working smarter.  


Systems are the key to operating your business from a place of ease, not stress. 

As wedding planners, we’re entrusted with so much more than just picking out great vendors. We curate and bring to life a remarkable experience that your couples and their families look back on for the rest of their lives.

This is why it’s up to you to become the best possible wedding planner and create exceptional experiences every time. 

It comes down to utilizing the right tools and processes that allow you to gain the confidence you need to boost sales to grow into the next-level market you’re eyeing. 

With the right foundation, you’ll be able to save time, serve more clients, and focus on the creative work you love. 

Once you learn and implement these systems, you’ll be able either 1) work way less to stay at your current income, or 2) you’ll be able to work the same and skyrocket your income. 

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to:

Provide a seamless client and vendor experience that truly leads to an abundance of referrals

Spend less time on tedious admin tasks and have more time for work-life balance

Know exactly what to focus on as you scale your business or as you break into a new market

Create memorable experiences for every wedding you plan

Know how to run multiple weddings on one weekend 

Have all your processes in place if you choose to grow a team 


Learn to attract, plan, and execute a flawless wedding from start to finish—in half the time with double the profits. 

This self-guided course will give you actionable steps and insight that will help you instantly elevate your business. You’ll be able to plan your weddings without the chaos and overwhelm, and you can finally increase your profitability.

With this course, you’ll be able to charge more and sell your services more efficiently. This curriculum is the key to working smarter, not harder so you can finally take back control of your time and income. 


It’s time to pull back the curtain on a successful wedding planning business.

When it comes to wedding planning, etiquette advice abounds, but few people are willing to share the tried and true details that truly make an experience highly recommended. The value provided in this course is unparalleled—we are offering you the opportunity to learn from all of our mistakes and utilize the tools and systems we’ve developed to take your business to the next level!

In the Wedding Planner’s Blueprint, we hold nothing back. You’ll find over 50 templates, workbooks, guidelines, and resources to help you scale your business and branch into the luxury market should you choose. It took us years to amass this knowledge—now it’s all yours!

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in your business either, from a solo planner to an established team of ten, this system is foolproof and will allow you to level up, work less and make more.

This course is the key to nailing down your value, working smarter, becoming a better planner, and ultimately, making more money as a result. 

The Wedding Planner’s Blueprint shares the Something Blue Method we’ve created to successfully scale our wedding business.

The Something Blue method was created by Bluebird Productions after 10+ years in the luxury and ultra-luxury market, working with multi-million dollar wedding budgets. The method has been proven to work time and time again, no matter the market or budget, and has allowed us to plan and produce over a hundred weddings flawlessly in the first few years of implementing it

Our team developed a system and process that allows us to plan and execute a high volume of weddings (and even multiple weddings on the same day) and do so exceptionally because of our systematized yet customized process. 

This course will make you a better planner, teach you how to double or triple your wedding volume (and income!!), and do so in an efficient and streamlined manner so you can easily hire a team and have them effortlessly implement this process. Or, implement these systems, stay at your current business volume and make more and work WAY less.

Peek inside the course

We created a proven system that sets you, your client, and the vendors up for success when it comes to day of and partial planning… you can even use it for full-service planning! The Something Blue Method allows you to provide high-volume services without compromising on the client experience.

Foundations of the Something Blue Method

Curriculum Overview

Learn what goes into a planning system and why they’re so important for your business and craft. We’ll cover the tech tools we use, along with templated emails, timelines, budgets, and more. Think of these resources as a framework to organize your planning process. 

Setting up Your Systems for Success

+ More than 50 bonus templates and resources 
+ Access to our private online community where you can ask questions and receive additional support 

plus these bonuses

Wrap things up with a billing checklist to ensure clients pay on time. Lastly, send a thank you and recap the event to the client and vendors, so they’re happy to recommend you for future events.

Event Follow Up 

We are going to teach you how to effectively conduct client meetings and call so well that selling isn’t going to feel like selling. You’ll completely stand out to your couples compared to your competitors and close leads more easily.

Booking Clients using The Something Blue Model

Learn how to manage client and vendor relationships from onboarding to planning and beyond. We’ll cover contracts, welcome gifts, vendor selection, and more, so your brides and vendors feel supported every step of the way.

Planning Something Blue Style

Producing the Event 

Use our timelines and checklists to keep things running smoothly on the big day. Learn how to execute the wedding, set everyone up for success, and gain insight into how to pass off events to your staff so they can execute without you being present at every wedding. 


Get best practices to help you plan for every type of client.

With that in mind, our systems are designed to be fully customizable based on your business, timeline, and event details. The result is a flexible planning process you can adapt to suit your client’s needs and deliver a referral-worthy experience every single time.

You’ll gain the tools to plan a wedding successfully with no surprises because this process is thorough and efficient—it’s how you level up quickly and execute really good partial planning services.

Although every wedding requires similar pieces, each event is unique to the client. 

By the end of this course, you will:

Know how to implement the right business tools and skills to grow your business and keep you on track

Gain the confidence and organizational skills to take your business to the next level 

Book your calendar solid with less effort 

Learn how to look at the bigger picture, the right details, and more that keep you from derailing into the nitty gritty details that aren’t important so you can finally do more volume more efficiently 

Establish and maintain a work-life balance 

Know exactly how to best manage vendors, even when there is no work ethic consistency 

No more late nights stressing over how to manage your workload.

The Something Blue Method allows you to grow your revenue and client capacity without the time commitment of full-service planning.

This is how you’re able to gain more clients with less effort and make more money than ever because you know how to provide more value.

Truth is, there’s no way to sell your value to someone if you’re not confident in what you’re planning. This course will instantly elevate your experience with customizable templates and resources you can label as your own.

This is how you’ll share your value, increase your bottom line, and plan more weddings more efficiently.

By the end of the course, you’ll feel confident, organized, and empowered to take your business to the next level.


as seen in


Virginia Frischkorn, Founder of Bluebird Productions and Something Blue.

Skip the trial and error and learn from an expert with over a decade’s worth of experience in the luxury market. I’ve been named one of the top planners in the world by BRIDES, Over the Moon, Vogue, and Martha Stewart Weddings.

Over the last 10+ years in planning, I’ve tried hundreds of different “systems.” I’ve used multiple tech platforms, event-specific software solutions, you name it—and it took years to find a winning combination.

The tools inside The Wedding Planner’s Blueprint are the most efficient, customizable, and, frankly, the simplest. These systems are easy to use and even easier with our accompanying templates. 

Everything in this course was designed to streamline your business, so you can take on more clients with less stress. We can’t wait to see your business grow!

Is The Wedding Planner’s Blueprint right for you?

Don’t believe in following systems and processes and prefer to manually do everything

Want to keep putting in the same amount of time and effort to stay where you are 

Are not interested in growing your business or your skills 

Are not willing to try new things or make changes to your business

This is NOT for you if you… 

Want to grow your revenue without growing your workload

Are willing to implement new systems that will allow you to take on more clients with less work

Are new(er) to running your own wedding planning business or stuck in your current role

Want to offer day of/partial planning but aren’t sure where to start

This is for you if you…

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$195 x 12 months


 $165 x 12 months

just $1650

The templates inside the course were created to help you establish strong foundations and plan your events faster and more efficiently with less stress. Inside, you’ll find everything from inquiry email templates to event checklists, sample timelines, and so much more.

How will this help me grow my planning business?

The course is self-paced, so you can work through each section on your own schedule. You’re free to pick and choose the templates that work for your business, and all of the guidelines are designed to be customized as needed. You’ll also have access to a private online community for additional support.

How is the course structured?

The systems, templates and guidelines in this course are the results of over a decade’s worth of experience operating several event planning businesses. Every document relies on the tried and true Something Blue Method, guaranteed to show your value to your clients sooner and allow you to become an even better, more organized planner. 

Couldn’t I do this myself?


Our experience is your secret weapon. 

Take the shortcut to wedding planning success and work smarter, not harder.
Over 50 customizable
✔ Templates
✔ Checklists
 ✔ Resources

We have proven guidelines for every situation. 

This course is your solution to producing a flawless wedding at double or triple the volume you’re currently producing and charging more. 

You’ll be learning from one of the top planners in the world, and using the proven Something Blue Method to work less and earn more.

There are brides out there waiting for services just like yours. 

Are you ready to support them effectively?

ENROLL IN the course